Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kwangjang Market: A place where dreams are made

I love vintage. I love it so much that I almost didn't want to move to Korea because I would miss out on the glorious goodies that would come into Modern Miss.
Lovely Rachel had promised to take us to a vintage flea market in Kwangjang. We arrived at the market - we walked through the western goods section, the smelly food section and the hanbok section. Directions were asked. We walked through more hanbuk and some fabric. No one was under the age of 50. I started to feel sad - we had ventured out in -12 degrees for this?! (Yes, -12 degrees - the coldest I have been in my ENTIRE life. Even the Canadians were cold.)
But alas! A stylish young Korean walks out of a secret doorway, we sniff vintage and head up the staircase...and we are met with this:
Beautiful ajummas sitting (and sometimes sleeping) amongst beautiful clothes. I was almost hyperventilating I was so happy - I just didn't know whether I should concentrate on shopping or taking photos! A bit of both was achieved.
And lucky for you if you are my boyfriend - there is a FLOOR of vintage menswear, filled with extremely well dressed Korean men.
I never want to buy anything else. I want to go back every weekend. I am already planning the next trip. I am so satisfied!

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