Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cutey Cutey Adults

I LOVE teaching adults. It's a bit scary sometimes because they know when you are nervous or unsure and they can speak up when something is wrong. Last week one of my students Sunny came up to me last week and said she thought we spent too long on writing and wanted to speak more in class. This wasn't a big deal and I naturally assumed this is what everyone thought so I started to make the classes more conversational (not that they weren't before). I just woke up to this AMAZING email from my favourite student Ellie - man it is cute. I find her writing and confused grammar poetic - I'm quite sad I have to train her out of it!

Hi^-^, Miss. Jenna!

How was your today? It's getting dark today already, times are so fast.

Are you okay your health after in hospital?
I guess you tired on faraway your country, then I hope you with very health and have a good juney in Korea.

HiHi ^_^ 
Alaways, You teaching us, so we have growing up everydays. 
Thanks you so much to care of me, too.

I have a say for you, a little.
Yeterdays ago, A student(our classmate) told you about our type of English study.
...She asked you what we hope learn talk-study more then before.
But, I hope... , would you never mind her saying...^-^,
that's just one opinion. (I wanna you don't heartbroken at a advice. We like you,always. )

I (include the others in this class) love your teaching style is very well-fill and delicate for us.
I wanna you teaching us that like the old style ^_^ . 
Just ^^ my opinion, too.

Whatever, you are a good teacher for us..... !

 Oh, alreay 12:00 P.M....
Have your good time, today's last times 
and Take your good dreamland(=Good night)!

See you, next day ~!

PS : I have a lot of worst grammer or missing spells, will you smilling please?      Thank you for reading this.

- From your student Ellie ^-^ -


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Kitty said...

(actually, luci says that, but is using kitty's computer ^_^ )

Elizabeth said...

That is ADORABLE!!