Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bideo for you: Hangman

Hangman either works or it doesn't. Most of my older classes hate it - but the younger ones are OBSESSED with it and it is an amazing  game if you happen to have 5 - 10 minutes spare at the end of class. I always choose the most antsy, A.D.D kid to be the first to be the "teacher" - it means:
a) I don't have to teach for a bit
b) I can gage I bit more of the kid's personalities in observing how they interact with each other.
c) It's a good review of the words we learned that day - especially if there are several words spelt with the same first letter.


Robbie said...

Did that kid bring that hat from home? It is amazing.

Jenna said...

Oh man - it's like every kid in Korea has one of these hats - this one just never takes his off!