Monday, December 8, 2008

Beautiful Ajjoshis.

Here is a lesson in Korean culture for you:

Ajumma - is what you call a married Korean woman. But we usually use it for older woman (Prime example: the women in my previous post.)
Ajjoshi - is an older Korean man or "uncle"

I always look at Ajummas and Ajjoshis and wonder about how fascinating their life must be. Having their country change so rapidly throughout their life time is just mind blowing - I wish I could ask them all about it. Most of them have seemed to take it all in their stride and just chill out on their cellphones.
Here are 2 fine Ajjoshis that we saw in the weekend...
I just found out the most horrific thing about the man wearing the sign. Rachels workmate informed her it says: "Please help me I have heart conditions". We will be back to give him some mula. Oh I feel so guilty!

p.s. Please tell me if some of these Korean terms/spelling etc. are incorrect. I am only a beginner. 

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