Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PLATFORM Seoul 08 (Part 2)

So at Songwon art center (which is an old house), was Koki Tanaka (Japan) and his installation "Approach to an Old House". Man it was cool. So you looked through the house and there was different objects in every room - a bunch of popcorn makers, a collection of crates and broken bottles, A curtain hanging off its rail. Then, in the top room there was a video installation that showed Tananka creating the objects in each room. Making the popcorn, releasing the crates and bottles attached to the ceiling with rope, walking into a room and ripping the curtains off the wall. It was like walking through a story and in the last room it all made sense.

The Jeppe Hein interactive piece at Artsonje Center - Invisible Labyrinth. You had to memorise a maze, then put on a headband, then when you went around the corner there was a large space with everyone slowly stepping around. What happened is that if you went outside on the maze you had memorised, the headband vibrated. An interaction emerged between the participators as we were all experiencing the same feeling - it was nice to feel that same connection even though we didn't speak the same language.

Surasi Kusolwong from Bangkok blended elements from eastern and western tradition in his work Golden Chance (I make nothing, you found nothing). The reason I love this work is that there was such a great use of space that was then extended further with a mirror. It was inviting and unprecious as the participant moves around thousands of balls of colourful yarn looking for hidden gold necklaces.

These were only the highlights. I can’t believe its over because I want everyone I know to see it, ESPECIALLY if you live in New Zealand or London because then you could have swung by and visited me on the way.

P.S. Thank you to those amazing people that blog about these things because otherwise I would never find out.

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