Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ow my head hurts

- I'm curled up in bed on a Saturday night with a nasty hangover. Last night we were shouted dinner and drinks for our Halloween efforts and I indulged quite a bit. 
It actually wasn't my fault - i sat next to our director Steven and in Korea if your boss pours you a drink, you have to drink it. Steven and Kay took full advantage of this power and I was pretty wasted by the end of dinner (which was delicious). I stumbled home about 10ish leaving the others to go onto Karaoke (which I have not made it to yet) I managed a hazy phone call to Stu and I listened to The Best of Roy Orbison (according to my itunes). It was a great night, however I paid for it today as I had to get up early for Korean class. 
I managed to take some public transport by myself today (this is a big deal - as 90% of the information is in Korean) and even though I fell asleep, I managed to get home safe to my bed which is where I have been since 3pm.

- Halloween was good but it was COLD, I had many layers under my geisha outfit. We had a festival at school and I painted some adorable faces outside for 5 hours. I heard "Haru Haru" by Big Bang! and "Nobody" by the Wondergirls about 1000 times. 

- I don't know if it is the pollution but I have had really sore eyes recently. I definitely took all that New Zealand fresh air for granted.

- I am taking an extra class on for this month - teaching adults so I am going to be busy but the extra money will be good. Ahhh 7 classes a day!

- I have a problem class and I hate them. I literally have no control over these boys and they know it. I can't even threaten them because they don't understand me, they spend the whole class repeating everything I say - I guess that is a bit of english for them right?

- Korean classes are going well and it is making life a bit easier by being able to vaguely read a sign.

- It is time for sleep x


Polly said...

Oh Jen you are too cute! Much love from 30 Cargill St xx

Elizabeth said...

"Oh girl...I cry, I cry." I mean, can you really get tired of hearing Big Bang?

I've only got 2 weeks but it feels like forever before I get there!