Thursday, November 6, 2008

ok, it was actually my kidneys hurting

Here is a brief summary of my situation until I can update further.

- Friday + Alcohol = Saturday hangover, sore back - I must have knocked it...
- Saturday hangover + fever + vomiting = Ok, I must actually have the flu - Just like everyone else
- Previous events = a whole day on bed on Sunday
- Monday + fever + sore back + teaching = not a good day
- Tuesday + doctor + "kidney! infection! hospital!" = me in hospital
- Me in hospital + Korean language = not really knowing what the hee har hey is going on

Today = Day 3 of 7, feeling better - have sweet as Korean ladies in my room - they do my hair and feed me. It's going alright.



Lucinda said...

Holy Crap!

Glad you're feeling better and have lovely ladies to look after you!

Elizabiscuit said...

hope you're doing okay, and that your hair is not being over-tampered with...

Mark Eaton said...

Here's to you feeling better! Take care.