Monday, November 24, 2008

Men in Sexy Speedos

I love how Korea is SO un-P.C.
For instance - look at this scene:
Here is a male swim instructor just chillin in his speedos teaching wee kiddies to swim.
Not only this, I was taking pictures of children in their togs. He saw me, the kids saw me - they just waved.

This un-P.C.ness is great for teaching as well. We can hug the kids, stroke their hair or on the other side pull them by the arm or the ear and put them in the hallway. We can make them stare at the wall with their hand in the air, or some other body part raised. Of course none of this is too violent or "friendly" - it's just normal interaction with children.
I have this crazy assed kid who just can't stay in his chair - he is tiny and adorable but a little shit; so the other day I just picked him up like a baby and continued teaching the class. It actually worked - the other kids were sick of him running around so they just went with it and he was getting attention and was listening to me. Just in my previous class, I had two wee girls massaging me - one on each shoulder (they offered, I took it.) It is just nice not to have the P.C. wall up. It makes teaching a lot more fun and interactive and I feel I get more of a bond with the children.

It is the end of the semester this week so today is the last day of teaching. It will be nice to start the semester from the beginning rather than coming in the middle. Hopefully Ivy (my co-teacher) and I get to keep most of our classes. It's going to get a bit busier as we are taking on a special class but it means we get to be a bit more creative with our teaching. Of course this was sprung on me in the staff meeting today but who needs notice? I am also getting to decide the art programme for the next semester (this was sprung on me after the meeting) - which I wish I could go wild in but trying to cram all of my ideas into 45 minutes is a bit ambitious.

Negative: Came home to have no power - fridge had been off for the day and freezer was all melty melty.
Positive: I have now defrosted my freezer - zing!
I was a bit sad sacky last night as I lay in bed with no curtains and no music or TV and also this morning as I blow dried my hair in the hallway, but it is all fixed now. As long as I don't miss Sex and the City at lunchtime I am happy. Carrie has just started hooking up with Aidan. Yuss.

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Elizabeth said...

You didn't have a problem with the guys in Flit....hmmmmmm.....