Monday, November 10, 2008

Life at Gimpo Woori

I am still in hospies - have been making myself comfortable but I may go home today. Through my non-Korean interpretive investigation I have found

a) blood and pee test which is out of the usual BUT

b) I was given breakfast this morning, which means I am not having an x-ray - which I thought I was going to have before I went home.

Even though Day 1 was rather traumatising (the only thing I knew about kidney's was that Toni Warner from Shortland St died from hers), it hasn't been too bad. I LOVE the ladies in my room - I can't even begin to explain their kindness, humour and generosity - especially when all of their english extends to is Hello and Bye Bye.
Sometimes I will be asleep and my room mates will have visitors - who will gasp when I sit up. I am 99% sure I am the only foreigner in this hospital so there is a bit of starring going on.

- The nurses are adorable - I am pretty sure none of them are over the age of 25. They get a bit embarrassed about their english - but some of them are so good. It makes you feel better when someone can tell you why they are poking you!

My room is so busy - for every patient there is at least 1 family member at their sides at all times. They will also help everyone else in the room (including me - alot!) which is so lovely, everybody shares everything and will help everyone as much as they can. A few have even been helping me with my Korean!

If i had my computer here I wouldn't even mind being here as much - there are 2 computers downstairs which middle aged men sit on for hours playing games. It grinds my gears.

Food is 50% ok. Not the best.

Through my foreign face I have met some fantastic english speakers - so I am making friends. Everyone just keeps giving me food and soy milk.

Um people are starring over my shoulder trying to read out the english I am writing. It is weird. I am going to go.

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Lucinda said...

Huzzah for being foreign! And being fed soy milk! I've got my fingers crossed for you that you get out of hospital soon!