Thursday, November 27, 2008

HOME PLUS and my living space

Interesting Fact: Did you know since I have moved to Korea, I still have not finished my first toilet roll? It has been a month.

Korea does not cater well to the single living person as it sells practically everything in bulk. If I want to buy a pack of toilet paper – it comes in a pack of 20. Toothpaste - a pack of 6. Rice and washing powder are in at least 5kg bags. Fruit comes in pre-packaged boxes, there is rarely such thing as a single onion or garlic clove. It’s lucky I am trying to gain weight because I am eating so much to keep up with my food going off!

One of my favourite places in Incheon is the Home Plus department store. It’s never a bad day at Home Plus. It has EVERYTHING! I feel very foreign at Home Plus – there is staring – especially at what I am buying, then there is the person that slyly slides up beside me as I am looking at the biscuits “Where are you from?”, “New Zealand” “Ahhhh New Zealande” and then they just walk away.

Noodles anyone? If I bought bulk items like this I wouldn’t have any room in my room!

It is weird having everything all to myself in my small, cosy dorm room after sharing my living space (and milk) for so long. And my small, cosy dorm room can barely cope with being a bathroom/kitchen/lounge/bedroom let alone being a mess! So I have decided to become a tidier person. I am even trying to be one of those people that make their bed everyday. I know this tidy bedroom thing may come as a shock to my nearest and dearest – this is a small but positive change.


Leilana said...

This is maybe my favourite post of yours ever. I adore those photos.

tomedgeley said...

Hey Jt!!!! I also LOVE this post. It warms the cockles of my heart...and makes me laugh.