Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A blog about my cellphone…

160 70 Characters:

My cellphone is a piece of crap – the camera is broken and half of the menus are in Korean. It was second hand and dirt cheap so I wasn’t expecting anything to be working perfectly and actually, it’s really nice being able to call people without it costing $1.50 per minute. *

My first gripe is that I can barely text anyone internationally – 90% of the time it just doesn’t work – my text flies into message never never land. The truly annoying thing about this is that in any normal situation I could go to the cellphone company and say “Hey! Why doesn’t my cellphone text to these phones internationally but it works to these phones internationally?...and while you’re at it, why does my phone say I have a film message but I can’t find it anywhere?”

Oh no…asking questions with more than a yes or no answer can turn into something more longer and confusing than one can ever be bothered with. I KNOW I am in Korea, where the main language was Korean. But if a Korean speaks English I would love if they would wear some sort of flashing light and then I would run towards them with open arms and ask a million questions. Oh man, it was quite embarrassing the other day when we were discussing how we were going to ask for a two-day pass to the Platform exhibition and the women behind the counter spoke perfect English. Doh!

ANYWAY back to my cellphone. My second gripe is that a text message has only 70 characters! I can’t fit ANYTHING in!!! What happens to the song “160 Characters” by The Tweeks?? – Anthony would barely get to say hello let alone “I would like to tell you I, had fun with you tonight, would you like to do it again sooooooommmmmeettimmmmmmmeeee” (I have heard that song a lot.)

Hmmm who took this sweet photo?

No wonder the kids didn’t get it when I played this music video in class (they like the song (Tweeks) AND the music video (Luci)). But they just don’t get what the song is about. Korean squiggle just takes up less room. My text messages have turned into short, robotic answers.

I’ve been pumping my students full of Dunedin music – Librarian by Haunted Love is a favourite but they find the video SO scary hehe. But, again – they love the song. They will be Backstage groupies by the time I have finished with them.

Ahhhh I'm off topic again…anyway, having a cellphone means I am free to travel alone – not that I couldn’t before but it is reassuring to have instant access to a person I can call if I get lost or need translation. Often if when I catch a taxi home, the driver will ask me to call a Korean friend. This is the problem with living in Wang-dang Dong, which is next to Wang Dong – or do I live in Wang Dong next to Wang-dang Dong. Who knows? I am now able to be more independent and adventurous in Korea. Ka pow!

*Hmmm at least I don’t think I pay $1.50 a minute. This would involve asking a question with more than a yes or no answer.

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