Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Big Bang! Experience

Last night, I waited 5 hours (3 outside, 2 inside) to watch 5 boys with an average age of 18 sing, no, lip synch 3 songs. This was my first taste of live music since I left home.
I actually had quite a funny time - waiting outside in the freezing cold in the longest line I have ever seen - with no tickets or reservations - and somehow getting into a club that played shithouse DJ music until Korea's latest K-pop sensation came on. It is also the first time I have seen usually sweet and demure Korean girls get their claws out (probably as we were imposing on their Big Bang! dream.)

Their most popular song "Haru Haru (day by day)" is played EVERYWHERE. Every store is playing it, every cellphone has it as its ringtone, every body is literally singing it. If I want my kids to be good - I promise Haru Haru at the end of class. It is ridiculous.

Not only this but as we trudged down the street after the concert and got in the taxi - little did we know is that was as actually a "death taxi" disguised as a boy racer car. The blue interior lights flashed to obnoxiously loud k-pop as he weaved through traffic at 160 km per hour.
As we got off the motorway, Rory in the front seat turned back to us and said "I think I just saw my life flash before my eyes". It was horrific. But kind of funny. But only because we lived through it.

I can guarantee I will never do this again. But I enjoyed the experience of it all.

Man. As I was typing my entire curtain fell off my wall. Boo.

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