Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Nice Saturday

I have started making an effort to learn the subways and I think it is starting to make sense. Soon I will be able to travel on the subway on my own! Like an adult!! 
And now I have a cellphone. It is a piece of crap - the camera is broken (though somehow, I have never had a phone with a camera). But it was 30,000. I actually haven't tried to call anyone so I hope it actually works. Anyway, this is a key to my freedom of traveling around on my own - I will have access to the Korean language if I am to get lost. Which is likely.

I am really, really enjoying Korean lessons. It feels SO GOOD to be able to read signs. Also, since I have started it has been so interesting as a teacher to be on the other side of the desk for a few hours a week AND it helps so much to understand why my students have trouble with some letters. I tell myself this repeatedly as I get up early every Saturday morning to travel to Seoul.

AND I have finally seen some art!! I went to the Seoul Art Center - which was great.

We went to a fantastic exhibition called "Humble Masterpieces" is the wee blurb which I love...
"Every day we uses dozens of tiny objects, from Post-It notes to Band-Aids, erasers and pie cutters. If they work well, chances are we do not pay them wit much attention. but although modest in size and price, some of these objects are true masterpieces in the art of design and deserving of our admiration."

We also visited the European art exhibition.
This usually doesn't  float my boat, I usually skip the old stuff and head straight to contemporary. Though, this was pretty interesting (a little pricey at 12,000). I have never seen so many people at an exhibition - even at an opening! We had to line 
up and shuffle around 15th and 16th century paintings, so there wasn't much time to engage in anything but I'm glad I went.

I have found a vintage store in Ewha. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Lots and lots of great knits, boots, bags and coats (and a few awesome capes - zing!). Not much in the way of dresses - but I will definitely be going back there. Ewha has a great atmosphere - Ewha Womans University is there, so it is bustling with young people and has great shopping.

We ended our Saturday night back at the Palace in Hongdae - the most luxurious dessert restaurant I have ever been to! Hongdae is so great -  it has that young, hip vibe of Ewha and it seems quite a few foreigners hang out there.

As for my health, I am feeling so much better - my kidney feels as if it 
is almost normal again. Last week 
was quite relaxed teaching-wise, as we were having end of semester achievement tests, so it was a nice way to ease back into work.  I am back to hospital on Monday for a check-up, which probably means more injections boo.
Oh, and on Friday, it was speech and spelling bee day - which one of my student's won the spelling bee! He is so smart and I am very proud of him. Jeez, he can spell words in english that I can't even spell.

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Leilana said...

This post makes me really jealous.

I mean, I love Vietnam but it's nothing like Korea - obviously. With the cute art and the dessert places.