Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ahhh Korea

Ok, so today I was teaching cooking and we were making pizza. 
The cooking room has 4 little stations with wee sinks and the kids were (amazingly) washing up their dishes. Then, water starts leaking everywhere, all over the floor and the cooking room is now covered in a large puddle.

I went downstairs and told the office and then not long after all the teacher's received this message:
"Hello - the tap's are leaking in the cooking room so please do not use them anymore."
And no, this is not a temporary thing. We just no longer use sinks in the cooking room.

I don't even know what to say. This is the same as our dorm washing machines - we have 4, only 2 work. I guess there are no handy men in all of Korea.

I am back teaching now - because my infection was viral - it was highly likely I caught it from my kids. I have a mini panic attack every time they come near me  with their germy little bodies. I need a mask thingy.


GW said...

i'm moving to korea soon...

does anything ever go right over there?!?!?

Jenna said...


Yes it does, I have just had a bad run of luck.
Just think of the opposite of everything you know and that is Korea. I actually am really enjoying my time here :)