Monday, October 20, 2008

Second Day Blog! from Saturday!

I have woken up at 7.30 this morning so it seems to be getting a bit better (also I learned how to turned down the heat – my room was at 28 degrees yesterday.) Yesterday was a pretty good day. In the morning I got dressed and went down to the school office to see what they wanted me to do and they were like “Rest, Rest!” but I was SO awake because it was just afternoon time back home. And I was STARVING – I had no idea where to get any food – I found some of the other teachers at lunch time and had lunch down the road with them. All I needed was to walk down there once and now I am fine to get to the supermarket, bank etc. (well, getting there is fine – asking any questions wound be impossible.)

At the moment, Friday’s at our school seem like they are going to be pretty fun – in the morning we have the CUTEST kindergarteners come and then in the afternoon we get on a bus and travel to public schools for “Hello GEC” where we try and get kids to want to come to our school. I was on face painting…some of the kids were SO CUTE and would just giggle when they looked at us, they would also shyly come up to us and ask for our autograph. (I also had a wee boy tell me I was beautiful – this place is great for your ego).

In the evening I jumped on a bus to…(I can’t remember the name) and we have a delicious pizza/ pasta dinner and it was cheap as – about $40NZ total for pizza, pasta, garlic bread, drinks for 6 people. Wheee!

Then we went to this underground market thing. The clothes are AMAZING – the shoes are RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING! Argh I had to contain myself..but I got a dress and a t-shirt for about $30NZ..I’m going back for shoes later (I really need this one pair…) The fashion seems to be short, baggy dresses, kind of like a shift dress but big sleeves…really cute anyway, there is lots of tartan, cute blazers and the shoes are high heeled (always) that cover the whole foot, finishing under the ankle with wee laces (these are what I want to get). Ahhhhhhh!

I left the other teachers to go on to karaoke and I went home. I have found my favourite T.V. channel called On Style – omg it is just full of America’s Top Model, Project Runway, Sex and the City, Oprah, E News – it’s amazing. I tried to stay awake for a new ANTM episode (the one with the tranny) but fell asleep dammit!

Today is going to be super busy – I’m going to Seoul! Korean lessons, then a palace and then dinner in town yay! I should get my internet on in my room tomorrow – I can’t wait!

Quote of the Day:

Me (to a Korean teacher): I like your socks

Her: I like your face



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