Monday, October 20, 2008

A Saturday in Seoul

Okay these are starting to back up – I should hopefully get my internet on today. I have only had about 5 minutes on my email in the past few days and it drives me crazy that I can’t just be on it whenever I want.

Yesterday was so full on and I can’t remember the names of anything! I will find out though…I started Korean lessons – this a bit of a commitment because we travel into Seoul every Saturday morning for a 2 hour lesson but I think it is worth it. (I say this now – though, I paid $40NZ for these so I better go.) It was pretty hard, similar to Japanese but 4 of the vowels sound pretty much the same.  Anyway, I going to have to do some study. Eeek. Sarah, who lives across the hall from me, and I, will motivate each other.

We then met all the others and went to Changdeokgung Palace, which had a secret garden. It was beautiful, so old! It is really hot here (for me anyway – 25 degrees) so it was nice to walk around under the trees.

Theeeeeeenn we got dressed up and went out for dinner - which was delicious (just like all the food here). We then went to this beautiful coffee bar – it was all white and each booth had curtains, chandeliers, couches etc. We just ordered tea and hot chocolate and then suddenly the waiters were bringing over an expensive bottle of wine and fruit platter, which some weird Korean/Russian guys bought for us. We accepted (of course) but got out of there kinda quickly… onto a hip hop club…it was pretty fun – I realised I hadn’t been in a club like that for about 4 years and the novelty wore off for a bit. That was when I missed being able to walk 2 blocks home – but after we were off in a taxi home back to Incheon and bed at 3am.


-       Everybody stares – it’s weird. They don’t try and hide it.

-       This is a place I don’t want to be out of control drunk in – it’s crazy enough just being sober.

-       I LOVE Korean babies.

-       Everybody that I have met here are really cool – I just follow them on the subways and hope they know where they are going.

-       I miss my peeps; I wish they were all here with me.

-       I am watching a sex and the city marathon, it is awesome.



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Elizabeth said...

Ok, I wasn't sure how many dresses I should bring, but after seeing that you were all looking this fabulous, I'm bringing them all.