Monday, October 13, 2008

My Wellington Cherry is Popped

I am standing in my friend Ashley's bathroom - holding my lappy over the sink as I write this so I get receive free internet from Victoria University.  Yeow!

I wasn't that happy about leaving my Number One behind and coming to Wellington yesterday. Even the vintage clothing didn't do it for me.
But I made it to my interview at the Korean embassy and now hold a visa in my hot little hands. 

The interview was pretty sweetso, they asked me what I could say in Korean (Hello, Thank you, Kimchi), What events were currently happening in Korea (melamine, North Korea are off the terrorist list), and why I wanted to come to South Korea (the art!).
Also, as of this evening, I now have a flight to Korea!!! Tomorrow!!! and the best part about it is that I can see my Number One again as he waits at Auckland airport to go to London. 
All of this makes me happy.

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