Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Korea Process: Step 2 kinda completed


So what I have been waiting on for so long is my Visa number from Korea - this isn't my Visa. But I finally got this yesterday (I was meant to recieve this on the 30th).

Today I couriered my passport, my visa application (with my visa number on it) and $70 to the Korean embassy in Wellington.

Tomorrow I call them in the morning (by which time they would have recieved my application) and we are to organise an interview in Wellington.

I am hoping I can just have my interview on my way out of New Zealand - and hopefully this is on MONDAY! Though to the embassy lady this sounded like this was a bit optimistic. Which I am. Anyway I'll be in Korea by next week.

This means I get to go to Hay Man! on Friday! Zing!

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