Monday, October 27, 2008

Kickin it in Incheon OH OH!

- I have been teaching math and drama A LOT this week - it's been good, most of my kids are adorable - the others literally climb up the walls. I've gained a Noodle, Lion, Tiger and Bear as students.  There have been a few criers - but they only tell me what is wrong in Korean. I just pat their head and give them a hug.

 - I went to get my medical check-up and it was a bizarre experience. The hospital has barely any privacy but it was pretty funny. We got given a paper cup with our name on it (the same cups that you get your coffee in) and after you have peed you just walk it through the waiting room and put it on a tray with all the other pee cups. 

I didn't faint when I had my blood test and I've lost 1.5kg since I have arrived - I need to eat some more.

-One thing that freaks me out is the lack of not only seat beats but car seats for kids. Babies sit on their mothers laps in the front seat and little kids run around the car as the parents are driving.

-On Friday night it was FREEZING! We went to a Foreign Food festival, I found my beloved plum wine and we watched a hilarious performance (well I think it was meant to be hilarious).

 -I have found 2 pairs of sweet new shoes. That is all I'm going to buy for a while. The fashion in Seoul is unbelieveable - I love it. But you see the same things everywhere - you could see a pair of shoes you love and then down the street see the exact pair for 20,000 cheaper. I love the men's fashion. And really good tights are EVERYWHERE.

-I went to a Beer Buffet on Saturday night. I am not the best beer drinker but with total concentration I managed to finish 3 during the evening. Needless to say because the beer was called "Morphine" and was 8.5% it was all I needed. It was great to talk more with the public school foreign teachers and it was amazing to hang out with New Zealanders. Even though they were from Christchurch. (haha just kidding). We all passed out in the taxi on the way home, I think the driver thought we were crazy.

-I'm picking up a bit of Korean - Hello and Thank you is what I say to everyone. Hurry, hurry is crucial for teaching and today I learned "sit down" - which I have forgotten already but I am sure I am going to put it into good use this week.

-I have a Korean Bank account now. I think I should only have to wait 1 more week for my residency card and then I can get a cellphone wheeee! I keep thinking of things that I want to text people and I can't. It's annoying. And I'm afraid to go anywhere on my own in case I get lost and  can't get a hold of anyone to get back.

-Man, I can't believe I'm back at work tomorrow -this weekend has gone so fast! New Project Runway is on TV and it is amazing.


Elizabeth said...

Your kids are so cute! I'm living vicariously through your blog. Finally sent all of my paperwork and it got to Seoul today!

I'm sooooo excited! Oh, and I also stumbled upon a blog by one of my co-workers that has a picture of all of my other co-workers on it, so that was interesting.

Looks like you're having a blast. I'm jealous!

Elizabiscuit said...

OMG. You make me want to move to Korea.