Thursday, October 23, 2008

I R Jenna Teacher

Today it was meant to rain - and I swear every single child had an umbrella with them. Sure enough, when it started raining at 5.30 in the evening the kids were all prepared.

I had my first and I mean FIRST ever classes today and I subbed a class. SO 6 classes in a row. The classes are actually quite cool and I think i will get more creative with the text book as I get a bit more practice.
I have learned I'm just going to have to give them English names because I can't remember the Korean ones at all! So now in one of my classes I have a L-Sword, Zombie, Bill and Raven. It means I can speak to them directly and makes life alot easier.

I taught maths and drama today which was interesting. I had a few criers but they would only tell me what happened in Korean...I had no idea who to tell off. Some of the kids are so smart and pick up on things really amazingly. Others....hmmmmm. I can tell its going to be hard work but most of the time it can be fun - and they do a lot of drawing which is cool.

Until next time...

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