Monday, October 20, 2008

First day in Korea! from last Friday..

So I think yesterday was actually the strangest day of my life, and I have always read on other peoples Korean blogs how mad their arrival is but just don’t think you can be prepared. (p.s. I have just woken up at the lovely time of 6am…soo that seems about right – I would be waking up at 12pm in NZ about now…)

It was SO AWESOME that on all the flights we could possibly get, I could see Stuey at Auckland airport so he could be the very last person to see me off. (and it was AWESOME seeing Alex there also!)

My flight to Incheon was fine – just long and sweaty. I must have looked very young and na├»ve though, on both flights having middle aged men take me under their wing. On the way to Singapore I had an Indian man (who could not believe how little New Zealanders worked and who also did the most classic double take when I told him it was my first time to the Northern hemisphere) and on the way to Korea I had Korean christian missionaries (they played me Jesus Christ Superstar on the wee TV screen). Both were very helpful at the airport and went out of their own way to help me, carrying my hand luggage and leading me where to go (this is happened without me even asking.)

When I arrived in Korea, I felt  VERY VERY white. My driver was late (as expected), but that didn’t stop me from having a mini internal panic attack until he arrived. He didn’t speak a word of English but within minutes of his arrival I had spoken to my recruiters and one of my bosses on the phone. I sat in the back of the car (no seatbelt) as my driver neglected to use indicators and swerved through the lanes (and being on the right side of the road did not help.)

I pulled up to the school (which is MASSIVE) and got a quick tour of the “experience” classrooms. I can’t wait to put photos up of this but my favourite was the broadcasting studio where it has a wee news desk and gets filmed so they can see themselves on TV.

Also, I would like to make a point how it has been pointed out how LIGHTLY I packed.

I chilled out in my room for a bit (which is HOT I’m boiling at the moment but afraid to touch the Korean AC remote), then had quite a few visitors to my room from my fellow teachers /neighbours. Two of them took me into town to get dinner and I met some more foreign teachers. I was SO tired but trying to keep awake so I wasn’t that chatty but all I can say is it the most bizarre experience and I wish I was in more of a frame of mind to take pictures.

On our way home in the taxi I experienced the whole speaking Korean but they still don’t understand you thing but we got home and I just passed out from exhaustion.

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