Tuesday, October 21, 2008

End of the weekend

  •       Left my window open – woke up at 8am by a fly. Sleepy. Watched Sex and the City marathon. Amazing.
  •        Went to the supermarket. I had no idea what to buy so I got noodles – will be more inventive for meals soon. Nice fruit.
  •        Bought a plant, came home with about 5 plants that were gifts from the beautiful plant lady. My room is now all flowery and nice.

  •          Went to a Science festival with Ray-k and Ashley. Cute Kids showing their science experiments. We saw the last 5 minutes of an Incheon vs. Ulsan soccer game at the World Cup Stadium. That’s all I needed for sports but there were crazy chanting fans with drums.

  •        Still can’t work my freakin internet. Computer man is going to look at it tomorrow.
  •      I start training tomorrow. I am learning to teach in 3 days.  
  •    It is so hot here – 25 degrees. Others think it isn’t warm. But I’m from Dunedin – it’s hot, muggy and quite polluted. 
  •        I’m watching America’s Next top model (11- the one with the transvestite. Yuss).

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