Monday, September 8, 2008

Uh Oh

I've been quite relaxed about getting my visa, well, in the way of telling people "yeah I think I'm cutting it fine to get my visa" but then not really doing anything. Whoopsies.

I think this is because i thought I would:

a: go to the police station - they would print me out a criminal check.
b: send my actual degree to Korea
c: I would do these all on the same day and then get my visa sent back to me quick smart.

Now, I'm not sure if I don't read things properly or what, but a few timely suprises have popped up...

a: my criminal check gets printed out at the ministry of justice in Wellington. It then has to be apostilled in Wellington. This can take up to 11 days.
b: my degree has to be notarised. There are only 3 people in Dunedin that can notarise stuff. I thought  i could pop on up to the lawyers office and and he'd sign it. No siree, I have to make an appointment. To which it seems hard to get one. Shitness.
c: my degree then has to get apostilled in Wellington.
d: once I get these back I have to send all of this to Korea. It gets processed there (5-10 days).

now here is the whooper that I had NO IDEA about until about 5 minutes ago: I may have to go to Wellington for an interview with the Korean Embassy once I get this visa stuff back. Fair Enough...but shit!!! Fuck!! 

And only THEN I get my visa - So I have to do this in 3 weeks. This can be done. I am being optimistic. I'm putting wee "please can this be done reaaaaalllllyyyy quickly" notes on all my forms.
I wish I could tell myself a month ago to do all this apostilling stuff, I don't know what kind of dreamland I have been on. But it's been dreamy.

Anyway, my recruiters don't seem too worried - Marilyn said we may even be on the same flight on the 30th - so I guess this is a good sign. She also said not to worry about booking flights yet as the difference in the price of flights won't be too major. (Prob about $1500 one way.)

BTW, I had a great, great birthday. It was 21 degrees!!! I had a great dinner at Yuki and a great time at Albar.
I was loving Brain Jonestown Massacre at Backstage. But it was rather hot, I fainted and looked like a drunken fool being carried out of the crowd, so that kinda sucked and we missed the second half of the gig. 
When I went to the Shins in Christchurch last year I missed half the gig because I ate waaay to much curry before the gig and after jumping around for a while, I again, looked like a drunken fool as a spewed in the toilets and hung out with the cold water for a while.

I'm thinking this post doesn't portray my true character very well. This is the only time I have ever pissed around sorting my visa and those were the only times i have ever fainted and vomited at a gig. ever. 

Here is a picture of me and my flatmates on my birthday at Albar:


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Leilana said...

I love that you leave visas too long sometimes and twice got stupid at concerts. Aw. She might not be the usual Jenna, but she's still cool.

Thanks for the lovely comment about my whine. Yours is very eloquent and funny - and brave! Since you're handling it so well. Yay Jenna!

Can't wait til we're both in Asia xo