Monday, September 22, 2008

I Am Dunedin

Just as I was starting to get misty eyed about saying goodbye to all my loved ones over the week - I got an email from Clara in Korea this morning saying that as my visa process is still trucking along I will not be in Korea until 7th - 10th October. Apparently this does not affect my job at GEC.
I am secretly quite happy about this as I have more time to procrastinate about packing my room and spending time with my peepies - yay!
AND it is quite sunny and beautiful in Dunedin and because I have finished working I can mulch around outside before I head over to another winter.
AND more time to watch Laguna Beach - zing!
Here are me and my girlies at Gary's goodbye BBQ in the weekend..and then my other girlies Sorch and Rach...

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