Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Almost Apostilled

Today I got my degree notarised by the slowest moving person in the world. He must of been in his 80's but he was great. This cost $40. This has been sent away to Wellington to get apostilled along with my police check. These cost $40 each. I have called the apostilled place and they are expecting my documents (and are going hopefully send them back as fast as possible) and then I can get them on to Korea.

I heard from my Korean recruiters today and they are going to pay for my ticket outright - zing! So all the money I am spending on signatures (and modern miss) doesn't really matter.

I just realised that a really great Ngai Tahu video artist Rachel Rakena is going to be at the Busan Biennale in collaboration with Fes Fa'anana and Brian Fuata in a work called Pacific Washup. They attempt to portray the notion of migration across the pacific, featuring people washing up in plastic bags on Bondi beach.  Wicked still below:
Busan is quite far away from Incheon but it would be worth flying down for. Even if I could get there for a weekend, it'll be amazing. Yay art!

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