Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Interactive Art Day: Part Two

The Orator Vs. The Warrior (ipod vs. cellphone) by Vicky Browne at the Blue Oyster Gallery.

Monday, September 29, 2008

If it was 1994...

As you can probably tell I have sweet F-A to do, so have been amused by the internet quite alot while I wait to leave for Korea.
I have watched 3 seasons of Laguna Beach and have started Newport Harbour (season 4 of Laguna) and have found yearbookyourself.com.

I should be hearing from Korea about my visa tomorrow wheeee! and have started the process of choosing clothes and shoes to take with me..this 20kg dealio does not make me happy.

I can't believe I have a week or so to go - though it feels weird not knowing exactly when, i am glad I am not leaving tomorrow like I was supposed to. If I make it by the 10th I can go see LCD Soundsystem in Seoul. Yusssss!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Interactive Art Day: Part One

Bouncy Marae at the DPAG by Inez Crawford

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Am Dunedin

Just as I was starting to get misty eyed about saying goodbye to all my loved ones over the week - I got an email from Clara in Korea this morning saying that as my visa process is still trucking along I will not be in Korea until 7th - 10th October. Apparently this does not affect my job at GEC.
I am secretly quite happy about this as I have more time to procrastinate about packing my room and spending time with my peepies - yay!
AND it is quite sunny and beautiful in Dunedin and because I have finished working I can mulch around outside before I head over to another winter.
AND more time to watch Laguna Beach - zing!
Here are me and my girlies at Gary's goodbye BBQ in the weekend..and then my other girlies Sorch and Rach...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Visa: Step 2 completed

Now that I have received my apostilled documents from Wellington - it is time to send my visa documents to Korea - I sent an email to my recruiter Clara in Korea listing everything i am about to send asking if it was correct.
I hadn't heard from her in 2 days so I was getting a bit worried and emailed my NZ recruiter...Clara wasn't ignoring me - it is Chosuk holiday in Korea where EVERYBODY goes on holiday to visit family for 4 days. 

So after checking a million times that I hadn't forgotten anything I couriered my visa application to Korea this morning - this should arrive there in 2-4 days.

I have been stocking up on bits & pieces to take to Korea - it is getting expensive.
12 pairs of contact lenses and new lenses in my glasses (goodbye $500!) and I am looking forward to buying a years supply of tampons and deodorant. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tweeks and Odessa

And the last pic is just for you Lei!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Modern Miss Goodies #5

Italian 1960's Sunglasses - yeow!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where is Kim Jong Il?

Hopefully not in South Korea.

Well, I don't think he'd be in South Korea but apparently he has had a stroke and hasn't been seen for a month. (However, people believed he actually died in 2003 and has been filled in for by a look alike ever since.)
North Korea's no.2 Kim yong-Nam is denying anything is wrong with Kim - saying it is a Western conspiracy plot.

This could be quite exciting if he dies - I wonder if this means a new leader for North Korea? Kim Jong Il has never named a successor, even though he has three sons that are "over indulged playboys". An article I was reading named one of the sons Kim Jong Cheol as the "least worst choice". ha!

When I first met my recruiters in Dunedin, Marilyn was like "...sooo...are you worried about North Korea attacking South Korea?". I'm not. 
But just in case there are 38,ooo US soldiers in Seoul and a million South Korean soldiers.

Who wants to come to North Korea with me? Look at the little guy on the bottom right - wouldn't he be awesome to hang out with?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Almost Apostilled

Today I got my degree notarised by the slowest moving person in the world. He must of been in his 80's but he was great. This cost $40. This has been sent away to Wellington to get apostilled along with my police check. These cost $40 each. I have called the apostilled place and they are expecting my documents (and are going hopefully send them back as fast as possible) and then I can get them on to Korea.

I heard from my Korean recruiters today and they are going to pay for my ticket outright - zing! So all the money I am spending on signatures (and modern miss) doesn't really matter.

I just realised that a really great Ngai Tahu video artist Rachel Rakena is going to be at the Busan Biennale in collaboration with Fes Fa'anana and Brian Fuata in a work called Pacific Washup. They attempt to portray the notion of migration across the pacific, featuring people washing up in plastic bags on Bondi beach.  Wicked still below:
Busan is quite far away from Incheon but it would be worth flying down for. Even if I could get there for a weekend, it'll be amazing. Yay art!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Uh Oh

I've been quite relaxed about getting my visa, well, in the way of telling people "yeah I think I'm cutting it fine to get my visa" but then not really doing anything. Whoopsies.

I think this is because i thought I would:

a: go to the police station - they would print me out a criminal check.
b: send my actual degree to Korea
c: I would do these all on the same day and then get my visa sent back to me quick smart.

Now, I'm not sure if I don't read things properly or what, but a few timely suprises have popped up...

a: my criminal check gets printed out at the ministry of justice in Wellington. It then has to be apostilled in Wellington. This can take up to 11 days.
b: my degree has to be notarised. There are only 3 people in Dunedin that can notarise stuff. I thought  i could pop on up to the lawyers office and and he'd sign it. No siree, I have to make an appointment. To which it seems hard to get one. Shitness.
c: my degree then has to get apostilled in Wellington.
d: once I get these back I have to send all of this to Korea. It gets processed there (5-10 days).

now here is the whooper that I had NO IDEA about until about 5 minutes ago: I may have to go to Wellington for an interview with the Korean Embassy once I get this visa stuff back. Fair Enough...but shit!!! Fuck!! 

And only THEN I get my visa - So I have to do this in 3 weeks. This can be done. I am being optimistic. I'm putting wee "please can this be done reaaaaalllllyyyy quickly" notes on all my forms.
I wish I could tell myself a month ago to do all this apostilling stuff, I don't know what kind of dreamland I have been on. But it's been dreamy.

Anyway, my recruiters don't seem too worried - Marilyn said we may even be on the same flight on the 30th - so I guess this is a good sign. She also said not to worry about booking flights yet as the difference in the price of flights won't be too major. (Prob about $1500 one way.)

BTW, I had a great, great birthday. It was 21 degrees!!! I had a great dinner at Yuki and a great time at Albar.
I was loving Brain Jonestown Massacre at Backstage. But it was rather hot, I fainted and looked like a drunken fool being carried out of the crowd, so that kinda sucked and we missed the second half of the gig. 
When I went to the Shins in Christchurch last year I missed half the gig because I ate waaay to much curry before the gig and after jumping around for a while, I again, looked like a drunken fool as a spewed in the toilets and hung out with the cold water for a while.

I'm thinking this post doesn't portray my true character very well. This is the only time I have ever pissed around sorting my visa and those were the only times i have ever fainted and vomited at a gig. ever. 

Here is a picture of me and my flatmates on my birthday at Albar:


Monday, September 1, 2008

Korea Update

My friend Kirsty has a friend in Korea that offered to read over my contract so I sent it to him and he and his friend looked over it for me. This was so awesome because they instantly picked up on things that were missing and also told me things that it would be ok for me to ask for. Also, they just did it out of the kindness of their hearts. Lovely.

So I just sent a list of questions to Clara from ThinkOutside about these and also a few wee things I had been thinking about. It's really hard to retain all the information you are told over a phone call! Anyway, she sent back some answers pretty quickly and it seems pretty sweetso.
  • Apparently the school usually reimburses your ticket to Korea that you buy but if you tell them you don't have enough money they will buy it for you. I am going to try this. Once I work for 12 months I get an extra months pay and a ticket home. In short, I go there for freeeee.
  • I pay less than 3% tax. 
  • I will be teaching 7 - 13 year olds.
  • Teaching the following subjects - science, art, cooking, music, gym. Now you may laugh that I will teach science but yesterday I found a letter from my principal in 5th form congratulating me on getting top in a metal chemistry test (I don't remember this at all, but it's awesome) and I think I'm going to have to buy some sort of sneaker shoe thing but my Chuck's should be alright, right?
  • I really just need to get onto the Visa shiz now, I'm not really sure how it works but I must get one type of Visa here before I go and then when I arrive I go to Japan to get one. Either way I think I am going to Japan.
On other news - it's a good week because it's Brian Jonestown Massacre gig tomorrow! Which means it's my birthday! Which means I will start work in Korea in exactly 1 month. Holy!