Monday, August 11, 2008

Phone Call Received

My cellphone rung this evening with an extremely long number on the screen and indeed it was Korea. Well, not the country Korea but Clara Kim from Korea.
This is how I think it works - World English Service is the first recruiter, then they pass on my C.V. to Think Outside in Korea, who then pass on my C.V. to specific jobs.
I had a pretty slow conversation with Clara, who outlined some jobs for me which sound pretty cool - specifically one where I can teach art!  (along with other subjects such as Science, but I'll ignore this). 
In this job I would live in a Dorm, which I'm thinking could be really cool or really horrible. I initially thought of sleeping in a room with bunk beds but you get your own bedroom and bathroom and share a living space with 15 foreign teachers and 15 Korean teachers. The more I think about it, the more this kind of living situations sounds ideal and  I would be one of the youngest living there (i.e. not like a hall - my worst nightmare). 
Anyway, she sent me an email straight away with details of the job, an example contract and photos of the living space. 
I just need to decide if I would like her to pass on my C.V. to be interviewed by the school - which I might as well, it is not until I sign the contract and organise the visa that I am obliged to anything, so I feel safe knowing this!
Wahey! Wahey!

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