Monday, August 18, 2008

My Olympic Contribution

The Olympics are fecking boring and just because they are a massive spectacle it doesn't make me like sport anymore than usual. 
However, one of my favourite artworks by Tracey Moffat is about the Olympics, made after watching the Sydney 2000 games from her living room.
"Fourth" is a series of images capturing the moment where the athlete looks up at the scoreboard and realise that they missed out on a medal, presenting a side of the Olympics that the often overly excitable audience are not shown. 
I haven't really seen anything this time around but the Olympics are all that are ranted about on talk back radio at the moment which has made me become quite interested in the pressure put of the athletes (especially in New Zealand).
"I actually wanted to do it last, make it last; all the athletes who came in last, but I thought there was kind of a glamour associated with being last. Everyones feeling sorry for you and you're the underdog, but coming fourth place is actually more tragic because you're completely forgotten and you ain't standing there on the podium."


Moffat presents another side of the Olympics - the sense of emptiness and disappointment is completely evident in these forgotten fourth place getters. This work is so clever and to me, I find these images lighthearted  - but I'm sure many people would find these images the ultimate tragedy.

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