Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Job For Meeeeee

Wahoo - well I had a job interview yesterday for Global Education Center in Incheon. It went pretty well: the guy who interviewed me was a South African dudey called Brandon.
I felt like I didn't say much -  he asked what a Polytechnic was (ha!) and he gave me a lecture on respect of your elders, he also asked if there were many sheep in Dunedin. At least he didn't bring up the All Blacks.
Anyway, so my recruiter Clara emailed me a few hours later and I have the job! To start on October 1st...which is not very far away...eeek!

I haven't taken the job as yet, I've sent an email to the school asking if I can speak to some of the teachers there - the big warning around the forums is that if the school doesn't put you in contact with any current teachers don't take the job. So I am a bit worried because I haven't heard anything as yet, it has only been a day but they have always answered back pretty quickly otherwise.
But the next step is to organise my visa! I have to send my degree (which is slightly bent because I fell asleep on it after graduation), my academic transcript, my passport, a medical check and a police check over to Korea.

The sad part is  that I'm gonna have to start saying byes to all my peeps - starting today with Ashley who went back to Wellington today. This is us at the Tweeks video release gig last week...

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Lucinda said...

woohoo! job in korea! good work ladypants!