Friday, August 29, 2008

Poor Milk Bottley

I've just gotten these bottles from the glaze kiln. Man, I made these puppies in 2006 when the glass milk bottle was taken out of circulation and have only managed to get them glazed. Slack me. I might give them a wee sand around the edges and then they'll be perfect! 
Quite a crap photo but they are so shiny - zing!

And I still think we should be using the glass milk bottle...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Job For Meeeeee

Wahoo - well I had a job interview yesterday for Global Education Center in Incheon. It went pretty well: the guy who interviewed me was a South African dudey called Brandon.
I felt like I didn't say much -  he asked what a Polytechnic was (ha!) and he gave me a lecture on respect of your elders, he also asked if there were many sheep in Dunedin. At least he didn't bring up the All Blacks.
Anyway, so my recruiter Clara emailed me a few hours later and I have the job! To start on October 1st...which is not very far away...eeek!

I haven't taken the job as yet, I've sent an email to the school asking if I can speak to some of the teachers there - the big warning around the forums is that if the school doesn't put you in contact with any current teachers don't take the job. So I am a bit worried because I haven't heard anything as yet, it has only been a day but they have always answered back pretty quickly otherwise.
But the next step is to organise my visa! I have to send my degree (which is slightly bent because I fell asleep on it after graduation), my academic transcript, my passport, a medical check and a police check over to Korea.

The sad part is  that I'm gonna have to start saying byes to all my peeps - starting today with Ashley who went back to Wellington today. This is us at the Tweeks video release gig last week...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ducters and Muses

I've been doing my Blue Oyster Gallery Trust member duties over the past few days helping out with Margaret Dawsons work "Ducters and Muses". Opening Tuesday 26th August 5.30pm and showing through until the 30th September.
This will be the last show I will be helping with so I am glad that it is this one - Margaret is one of those New Zealand photographers I have studied since high school and it is great to hang out in the gallery with her and see how her concepts from the late 1970's have evolved to today.
There are photographs, lights, moving image, the Tiger Tones, a washing machine and many tin cans I don't know how else to explain it...

Come! Come!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Film is back!

Now that I am leaving to Korea in just over a month I am squeezing in many projects I have put off over the past year.
I currently am working through the delightful self inflicted task of digitally scanning my negatives. 
It is taking a while to get through my gigantic pile...but it makes me feel very secure having digital files of my photos, especially because now I can cart my images to Korea with me.
Here is my favourite image from a photo shoot I did only last week with my friend Ashley with my film 35mm camera (I also took a few shots on my 6x6 TLR but I still need to
 develop those). I had almost forgotten what it was like to pick up a film from the lab!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ranty Forums

When I went to see World English Service, Marilyn warned me not to read forums or not to let them put me off teaching English.
I actually read them all the time and I find them funny - sometimes a post will worry me but then I think that all the people that are having a good time in Korea are too busy having a good time to post on forums and the ranty people are just holed up in their apartments being bitter on the internet.
This was on a forum I found today...


man! so many capital letters and exclamation marks - This person needs to leave! haha!

Well, after a few weeks I have heard from Think Outside (Korean Recruiters) again and they are going to set up a second interview. This could possibly mean two things:
1. This school (GEC, Incheon) is shit and no one wants to teach there and so they have no choice but to wait until I arrive in October.
2. Me and my Polytechnic degree are sooo awesome that they couldn't do anything but wait for me to arrive in October.

Whatever happens I can soon indulge in person with some of my favourite Korean artists Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries. Here is a still from their work Cunnilingus in North Korea.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Madame Cat & Kimchi

Lovely Lei and I have started a photo blog and like the weather blog I have been working on with Rachel we will respond to images each other have taken.
Responding to an image can bring exciting new concepts that would have otherwise never been thought of: it forces me to look at the extraordinary of the ordinary, adding to my everyday procrastination and obsession with the internet. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lego and a wee bit of Korea

Man Lego is amazing! I wish I had these: Steve Zissou and Ned Plimpton from one of my favourite films The Life Aquatic. More Lego amazingness can be found here. (V. exciting, I just learned to make links doh!).
When I was little, I had Paradiso Lego. I was the coolest kid on Larkworthy St.

BTW, not much is happening on the Korea front...the job I spoke about earlier in fact would need me in September, as do all of the other jobs so I am just waiting for the October intake. 
I am not to fazed about it right now, I'll just keep waiting for emails.
You should read this forum conversation entitled "Sex Shops in Korea?". Man, people on forums are ranty - it's like talk back radio and I love it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Olympic Contribution

The Olympics are fecking boring and just because they are a massive spectacle it doesn't make me like sport anymore than usual. 
However, one of my favourite artworks by Tracey Moffat is about the Olympics, made after watching the Sydney 2000 games from her living room.
"Fourth" is a series of images capturing the moment where the athlete looks up at the scoreboard and realise that they missed out on a medal, presenting a side of the Olympics that the often overly excitable audience are not shown. 
I haven't really seen anything this time around but the Olympics are all that are ranted about on talk back radio at the moment which has made me become quite interested in the pressure put of the athletes (especially in New Zealand).
"I actually wanted to do it last, make it last; all the athletes who came in last, but I thought there was kind of a glamour associated with being last. Everyones feeling sorry for you and you're the underdog, but coming fourth place is actually more tragic because you're completely forgotten and you ain't standing there on the podium."


Moffat presents another side of the Olympics - the sense of emptiness and disappointment is completely evident in these forgotten fourth place getters. This work is so clever and to me, I find these images lighthearted  - but I'm sure many people would find these images the ultimate tragedy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Modern Miss Goodies #4

(not for sale unfortunately)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Phone Call Received

My cellphone rung this evening with an extremely long number on the screen and indeed it was Korea. Well, not the country Korea but Clara Kim from Korea.
This is how I think it works - World English Service is the first recruiter, then they pass on my C.V. to Think Outside in Korea, who then pass on my C.V. to specific jobs.
I had a pretty slow conversation with Clara, who outlined some jobs for me which sound pretty cool - specifically one where I can teach art!  (along with other subjects such as Science, but I'll ignore this). 
In this job I would live in a Dorm, which I'm thinking could be really cool or really horrible. I initially thought of sleeping in a room with bunk beds but you get your own bedroom and bathroom and share a living space with 15 foreign teachers and 15 Korean teachers. The more I think about it, the more this kind of living situations sounds ideal and  I would be one of the youngest living there (i.e. not like a hall - my worst nightmare). 
Anyway, she sent me an email straight away with details of the job, an example contract and photos of the living space. 
I just need to decide if I would like her to pass on my C.V. to be interviewed by the school - which I might as well, it is not until I sign the contract and organise the visa that I am obliged to anything, so I feel safe knowing this!
Wahey! Wahey!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Waiting for a phone call...

I don't know if this will lead to anything but I thought I would write about it anyway...
After submitting my C.V. all I do is wait for emails from World English Services where they send me details of jobs they think I'd like and that would suit my personality etc. this is pretty awesome because I don't really have to do anything. 
I have to admit the waiting around is making me a bit antsy - it's quite weird knowing that I am going to Korea but not having a plane ticket or even a job. (Not that I think I'll have any problems getting a job - I read on a forum that if you have a pulse and a degree you'll get a teaching job in Korea.)
Anyway, so finally I got an email about a job that is AMAZING! It is in a town on the main subway line into Seoul, 11 - 6pm (which are definitely my type of hours), 2.1 million won (about $2,800 per month), government run (less dodgy than a private owned hagwon)  but with only 12 students! this is crazy awesome!
So I have emailed back Marilyn and she has put my C.V. through for this job...and then I get another email back saying that I MAY get a phone call from Korea for a phone interview - this doesn't make this waiting any better! Especially if at any moment I am expected to answer a phone call and talk through a 30 minute interview - I am worried that I'll get a call at work and because I am the only one who works there I will have to either be on the phone when customers are there or ask if the interviewer can call me back (which could be seen as rude.)
Ugh lame!
But I shouldn't get my hopes up for this specific job - in Korea land my amazing shiny Polytechnic degree is not seen as amazing and shiny. Maybe slightly retarded and less educated - kind of like my passport photo which was taken when I was 16.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Earmuffs Run In The Family

I visited lovely ol' Arrowtown in the weekend to hang out with my family and watch copious 
amounts of SkyTV next to the fire. Imagine my extreme delight when my baby sister Eylish comes out in her own pair of earmuffs! How proud I am!