Thursday, July 31, 2008

Talkback call(s) of the Day #2

Last night the most amazing thing happened on Kerre Woodham's nighttime talkback show.
So, this 80 year old called Ben rung up and was talking about how he has bought a house bus and is driving around the country - pretty cute wee man.
AND THEN, this lady called Jean (81) called and started talking about her interests and then was like "I think I'll be a good match for Ben and I want to travel round in his house bus".
She left her number and then he called her back and now he is going to go visit her! 
Meanwhile, all these other women were ringing up and asking for his number.
I knew I listened to talkback for a reason.


Alex said...

Wa-ho! Man that's the sauciest talkback story ever! And I only just found your blog too, delightful. Aaand you're going to Korea!?

Sex and gossip, I dare you to keep this up.

When do you leave? Coming through Auckland at all first?

Jenna said...


I am going in october - it's all a bit hazy at the moment because it's too early to apply for jobs (all the september posts are up at the moment) but of course I am staying in Dunedin for BJM amongst other if I come through Auckland I will definitely be visiting!

Miss your face!