Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rice Cooker Cake

I was meant to write about this AGES ago - did you know you can make cakes in rice cookers? I was talking to my friend Chris in Japan and he was making one - and I was like "Man! I have to try this crazy shiz"
Here it is:

Now, I just used my wee rice cooker and this was kind of a problem because as soon as it got to a certain temperature it just wouldn't stay on! I blue-tacked the button down and I had to stand next to it because it would keep unsticking. The bottom of the cake completely stuck to the bottom of the pan, so I just cut that bit off.
Apparently super rice cookers have cake functions on them - I want to get me one of those because this cake was delicious! It was all spongey and yum.
This is really a really common way to bake in Japan and Korea because most people don't have ovens - crazy! How am I going to make my mini muffins?!


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gigi said...

how do you make this cake? can you send me the recipe. How novel! A cake instead of rice, who knew?