Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Korea: Step 1 Completed

So I have spent the last few weeks lengthening my "short but adequate" C.V. and got a cheesy and presentable photo taken.
I sent this to Marilyn and Chris and they got back to me straight away with SO much information about different places to teach. The biggest decision I have to make at the moment is whether I want to teach in a public school or private (Hagwan - kinda sounds like hogwarts huh?). They both have the same number of pros and cons so I think it's going to be a hard decision. Boo. 
I'll explain these pros and cons later..  
Anyway so now I am at the second stage of application where I am filling out an application to the Korean Education Office where I have to write an essay about why I want to teach in Korea and fill in other sorts of boxes with numbers and qualifications. Once I hand that in I will sit telephone interviews with schools (that I know are dying to having my teaching expertise) and then by October I should be hanging out with the likes of these babes...yuss!

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