Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Korean C.V. - Woot!


I am currently writing the most bizarre C.V. for a teaching job in Korea. This C.V. is mostly based on appearance and I am guessing my 8 years working in the Selwyn College kitchen does not mean shiz as it is considered "low status". 
Here are the hilarious guidelines I have been given for my photo in which I should look colourful and vibrant:

  •   Wearing a black leather jacket was seen as a gangster and not trustworthy.
  •   Ladies with low cut dresses or evening party wear are seen as models or party girls and less than professional.
  •   A lady with what we would consider as modern short spiked hair was seen as very untidy. 
  •   A man with a bow tie on was seen as a low status restaurant waiter, therefore not professional.
  •   Any man with a shaven head is viewed as bald and we are asked if he can grow hair?
Anyway the quite awesome thing is that the agency I am going through is based in Dunedin of all places! So I met with Marilyn and Chris from World English Service ( last   week and in a month we will start getting it all sorted for me to leave in the October intake. The   only thing that may be a problem at this stage is that my degree is from a Polytechnic rather than a University - but as long as I have the word "Bachelor" on the certificate it should be fine. ( I hope - because I really am getting excited about this...) 

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