Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nobody Belongs Here (on this blog) More Than You

My absolute IDOL is the amazing hot lady Miranda July who is the most amazing artist, author and film maker.

I first fell in love with her after watching 'Me,You and Everyone We Know', which is probably one of the most visually and conceptually beautiful movies I have ever seen. 
It's kind of funny that it's my favourite assignment, because I know for sure I'd never be able to take a photo of my parents kissing. (maybe if the world was ending - but only maybe).

Anyways, my love flame for Miranda was rekindled this past weekend when lovely Lei gave me her book of short stories 'Nobody Belongs Here More Than You'.
It so SO incredibly hilarious and ridiculous and full of warm fuzzy stories that makes me so happy that there are so many quirky fictional characters around.
So I've been reading creepy and fantastic 'American Psycho' during the day and this lovely book before I go to sleep.

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ruichel said...

ive seen that movie! i rented it a while back!! she wrote/directed and starred in it right?? she has a quiet quirkiness to her yes? this is abit out of ways but funny games starring naomi watts is a visual masterpiece as well. the subject matter is disturbing but cinematically, it is eerily breathtaking which is jarring juxtaposed to the storyline!